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Golden Rock Plantation Inn

P.O. Box 493
Nevis, SK 0

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Golden Rock Estate is a sheer delight. Like many of the world's truly wonderful, off the beaten track vacation refuges, this hundred-acre, 18th-century sugar estate is the result of decades of devoted personal management. The reward is a serene and enchanting refuge that sits in perfect harmony with the remarkable beauty of the island itself.

By air via St. Kitts, St. Martin and Antigua on American Airlines, BWIA, British Airways, or Air Canada. LIAT Airlines makes daily scheduled connections from Antigua to Nevis. WINAIR makes scheduled connections from St. Martin to Nevis. Nevis Express flies between St. Kitts and
Nevis with a flight time of only 6 minutes and is the easiest way to reach Nevis. Golden Rock can make the required reservations. If you prefer to travel by boat check with us for latest ferry schedule between St. Kitts and Nevis.

The appeal of Golden Rock Estate is evident even before you arrive. Past the entrance, a small, winding road, plunges through a dense mango and banana grove, before it emerges to reveal the captivating sugar mill and beautiful gardens of the estate itself. Accommodations include just seven private cottages, all with tranquil sea views and private terraces, as well as the Sugar Mill itself, one of the most enchanting accommodations in the world. Originally a windmill used to grind sugarcane, it has been transformed into a handsome suite furnished with four-poster mahogany beds and a sunken shower made from Nevisian clay tile. A graceful bamboo stair spirals up along the mill's circular perimeter, and glass shuttered windows allow plenty of breezes and sunlight. In short, the Sugar Mill is the sort of tower that would have made Rapunzel think twice about being rescued.

Guests are accommodated in intimate cottages, or in the converted stone tower of the estate's sugar mill. The rooms and suites are warm and welcoming, with antique furnishings, canopied mahogany four-poster beds, and shuttered windows that swing open to bring in the morning sun and the evening breeze. The estate's charming garden courtyard, bordered by luxuriant bougainvillea and orchids, is the center of life at Golden Rock. Drinks are served at a bar that used to be a giant hearth, and the huge freshwater pool was the plantation's cistern in a former lifetime. Nature trails meander off through rainforest of the surrounding hills, and the estate's gardens and groves are home to a wide variety of local wildlife. Look for the vervet monkeys in the early morning and late afternoon in the fruit trees.

Golden Delights
Golden Rock's garden courtyard is the gathering place for breakfast. Choose from the full menu highlighted by homemade breads, fresh local fruits and juices, as well as eggs, bacon, ham, pancakes or cereals. After a morning of swimming, tennis, hiking, or reading a good book from the extensive house library you may lunch at the estates garden courtyard or on the beach at the Golden Rock's Pavilion. There's the varied menu of The Pavilion, offering anything from lobster to cheeseburgers. The estate also serves afternoon tea.
The major culinary event of the day is, of course, dinner, served by candlelight in the indoor dining room that adjoins the garden court. Our female cooks are masters of Nevisian cuisine, crafting unforgettable meals from the island's bounty of fresh seafood, tropical fruit, and seasonal produce--tannia fritters, boiled lobster with lemon mayonnaise, grilled herb snapper, fragrant and flavorful curries, christophene, and green papaya pie are just a sample of the treats. Presiding over the well-stocked, hearth-turned-bar is Manager, Rolston Hobson, creator of the best rum punch on Nevis and possibly in the entire Caribbean, according to Gourmet Magazine. His tantalizing concoctions attest to the appeal of the wondrous crop which was formerly the estate's mainstay.

Children: Welcome

Smoking: Non Smoking available

Pets: No

Rates: $120-415

Payment: Major Credit Cards

Golden Rock Plantation Inn
P.O. Box 493
Nevis, SK 0

Innkeeper: Pam Barry

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