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Culebra Hotel

Culebra Island, PR 0

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The Island of Culebra lies seventeen miles east of Puerto Rico and twelve miles west of St. Thomas. This small, laid back island is approximately 7 miles long, 3.5 miles wide, and has a population of about 2,500. Culebra is a municipality of Puerto Rico and therefore both Spanish and English are spoken and the U.S. Flag flies alongside the Puerto Rican Flag. Because of its proximity to the Virgin Islands, Culebra is often referred to as the Last Virgin.

Culebra is known for its spectacular beaches, diving among beautiful Coral Reefs, and hiking through the National Wildlife Sanctuary. The town of Culebra offers restaurants, grocery stores, a post office, souvenir shops, churches and a quaintness unique to this area. Lacking high rise hotels, casinos and crime, Culebra is for the discriminating traveler who is looking for total relaxation. With its friendly citizens, pastoral landscape and non-commercial approach, Isla de Culebra is truly unique in all the Caribbean.

What to Bring - As little as possible! Dress in Culebra is informal; T-shirts, short pants, etc. Bring a hat, sunglasses, sun tan lotion, bathing suit and beach towels.

Restaurants - are located mostly in town. We will be happy to provide all the information once you arrive.

Medical - Culebra's dispensary is a 5 minute walk from the villas and provides emergency treatment facilities. There are first class hospitals on the main island and in the event of a severe emergency light aircraft are available to fly you there.

Recreation - Snorkeling, Scuba Diving and Kayaking are all available. Our beaches have very accessible coral reefs for snorkeling and they are beautiful! Besides the beautiful beaches, there is one baseball park, also one basketball or volleyball court for public use. There are picnic facilities on Cayo Pirata. Swimming, snorkeling, diving, sailing and camping are enjoyed year round.

Getting Here - There is daily passenger and cargo ferry service from the mainland of Puerto Rico to Culebra. Several airlines fly daily from San Juan and from Fajardo, the easternmost town of Puerto Rico. The island has a reliable electric power service supplied by underwater cables running from Puerto Rico. Getting to Culebra is very easy. Fly into San Juan P.R. and switch airplanes for an additional half hour flight.

Children: welcome

Rates: $75-175

Payment: info n/a

Culebra Hotel

Culebra Island, PR 0

Innkeeper: Jane & Druso Daubon
(787) 742-3171

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